Word Of Motivation

In this short article, you’ll DISCOVER a SPECIAL GIFT to help you unleash the power of the human spirit, and create a work community that feeds purpose and profits.

WORD COUNT: Just 451 Short, but Powerful Words
TIME TO READ: About 2 Tiny Little Minutes

The best leaders create highly motivated workplaces by acting as
. They mindfully design, plan, coordinate, and guide their organizations toward a vision of an ideal that speaks to the heart and the head. Think of this role as a Chief Workplace Architect that provides the vision, the tools and strategies to create a healthy and robust organization. Depending on the size and structure of your business, this may be a business owner, executive, or director.

To maximize the powerful impact of a compelling vision
requires a system that helps you:

* Accurately assess the issues that are limiting your organization’s

* Build a simple plan, so you can achieve your desired results faster

* Create a compelling vision and inspiring goals that move you and
your organization positively forward to your highest ideal of what
your business could be

* Choose the most effective strategies to address your unique
goals and dreams

* Connect your managers with their critical role in taking your team
to the next level

* Use natural business rhythms to create and expand your vision of
a Perfect Workplace and Top Performing Business

When you engage your team in visioning and planning, and then actively manage your cultural health, you create the foundation for high achievement AND meaningful work.

Highly motivated environments don’t just happen … they are created. If you’ve imagined more enthusiasm, commitment, fulfilling relationships and a healthier bottom line, you have within you the ability to make that vision a reality.

That’s exactly what the Motivation-at-Work system was designed to do; provide you with an easy to follow blueprint that will help you build the business you truly envision.

Would you develop a new product or service without careful research and planning? Of course not; you would use a blue print or a prototype before you started to mass produce a new product or service.

You and your team can do, be or create whatever you imagine. But first your must believe you can, and you can get there faster when you use a good map.

Motivation at Work: Transform Your Business in 6 Extraordinary Steps is a book that walks you through the process of workplace transformation in six easy steps. It also gives you tools and strategies to help you bring out the best in your people and unlock
the potential of every person.

To help you reach your greatest goals and dreams, I’m giving you 50% off the cover price of my book; “Motivation at Work: Transform Your Business in 6 Extraordinary Steps”, through midnight, February 7th, 2008.

Just enter the coupon code ” bookgift ” in the coupon area in the shopping cart to order a complete business transformation system in a book… for less than ten dollars (plus shipping)!

This is my gift to you, to help you make 2008 a year of extraordinary breakthroughs! May you know great joy and prosperity.

Enjoy your journey!



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