Between Malang, Jogjakarta and Bandung

It’s been a long time, my friend Fifi asked me to join with her for holiday at her place Malang. She always talked a lot about Jatim Park. I know that place from television, it’s very nice place and so wonderful. But, I always don’t have time to go there, even in holiday from bachelor degree.
OK,, last week with my OPMers, I went there and surprisingly Jatim Park 2 was so describable. The very best picture that I took there were :

It was the secret zoo which the animals were very different with other zoo in Indonesia and also other game that nearly the same with Bandung Carnival Land.

There are 2 places, outdoor and indoor. The indoor one for animal museum that the art of the paintings and also the size of animal itself very similar with the real one. It’s a big museum that I’ve ever visited.
Not only Jatim Park 2 that we were go to visit, but also BNS (Batu Night “Something” I forgot the name) .. It’s so similar with Bandung Carnival Land, the differences just the place LOL. Hmm, we did war with a laser and also turn around the place, the lampion garden. This is the best spot that I like so much, yes you know well what is it,, taraaaaaa…..

Every place that I go beside Bandung, I always said “Kisah Paris Tak Sampai”, but know better I say that “Pemanasan Di Menara Eiffel” Ahahahaha…..

Let’s go to Jogjakarta,,,I always go to this place once a year. It’s just to show my friend from Japan to see about candi2lah. Hmm,,this place made my face nearly black that other people can say Keling,,T_T. Even though I often go to this town, but I don’t know about Ulen Sentalu. This is such a beautiful museum, because the place was so complete of the product from the Kingdom of Jogjakarta. Ok, let’s see the best picture that I took in Jogjakarta:

This is cool because we are in a complete team hahaha,, I met my college friend and I asked her to took our photo together.  This is Borobudur temple, the regrettable situation was the ticket of this place I think not fit with us (me and my friends from Indonesia off course) hahaha,,it was not so expensive, but 30.000 huhuhu,,we want that the ticket better just 15.000 :p

We can’t take any photo inside the museum of Ulen Sentalu. This place is in the outside of the museum, I was so regret to took this photo, because it was so awesome, the relief is lean, better I asked the officer or the employee to took this photo. Damn.

A big thank you for Hani’s friend that can lead us to showed the Keraton and also Taman Sari. This place is one part of Taman Sari which specifically this is the beautiful mosque. Do you believe it? Actually I still don’t believe about it, but it’s real by the way.

I like this photo, because it’s really hard to take this photo. A lot of car and motorcycle passed in front of us. We took it at Malioboro road, OK I edited this one, because actually this photo was blur, maybe Tomo was so nervous and his hand was shake. Hwaaaa,,really-really want to take a photo in this place again.
And tomorrow will be our first day for second semester in ITB for our master degree. Dear my friends thank you for the great holiday. We must spend our time again in the next semester to go to another place in Indonesia. It’s a must.
(Bahasa Inggris sambil latian,,paling juga ngaco tuh kata2,,ya nggak sih) -_____-!!!


~ by sankerenti on January 23, 2012.

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