Bristol Murder Review

This novel tells us about the murderer. The alleged murder of a little boy named John to his uncle. His uncle was a teacher who has a rugged character for his students so many students really disliked it. One day there was an argument between John and Mr Steven. Mr Steven who likes to hit people, hit John at that time. At the end of the fight, John ran away from home and the day after that, Mr. Steven died. But John is considered as a killer. Peter helped John from the arrestment by local police. Peter also helped to find who the perpetrators of the murder. He asked for help to Bob Steel that thought can help to find the perpetrators of the incident. But apparently Bob Steel was evil and he just wanted the money from the victim. One other victim is Tommy Logan, the same age as John who turned out he was the perpetrator.


~ by sankerenti on January 31, 2012.

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