Member of the Month March 2012 AIESEC LC Bandung

Pas liat email,,jengjreeeeng :



Yang gw tulis dengan grammer yang super sucks adalah :

1.   The reason why I join AIESEC?

I am looking for International experience through AIESEC, such as exchange and also communicate as a professional with AIESECer from other country, etc.

Beside of that, I want to have more activities beside of studying for the academic.

The last reason is that I try to have a new friendship so that we can share our experience to increase our creativity, idea, social knowledge, etc.


2.  Best and Worst experience

Best Experience: Selected directly as a Manager of Global Education Internship GIP after the LCC. Why? Because, usually if you want to apply this position, you have to have 1 term experience about this area, so that you can arrange raising, matching and realization effective and efficient. Not only that, but you have to understand about product of AIESEC, the goal, the culture of AIESEC, etc.


Worst Experience: Rejected by several companies in Bandung that they don’t really need the program of AIESEC because of several reasons. But most of all have the meaning for me, not all of our work that has been done, will always succeed. Every success and failure always gives us lesson to learn.


3.  What I got from AIESEC?

I got a lot of friends at AIESEC that can increase my knowledge not only in English language, but also the very basic of competency, such as communication, presentation skill, leadership, team experience, etc.

 The most important one of all that AIESEC gave me the link to the global experience, maybe in the future I can apply for internship in other country, so that I can share my knowledge that I’ve got to the company in the other country. I wish that I can do that thing in the future.


I am studying at Magister Science of Management, School of Business Management, ITB, batch 2011 now. I graduated from Industrial Engineering, ITB batch 2005 around 2.5 years ago.

I am not exchange yet, but I want to go exchange in this summer. End of July until the first week of September exactly. The project that I want to run is related to entrepreneurship.


Kayaknya udah dibenerin deh grammer2 ancurnya ama dia,,,bwahahaha dodolipreeet kaan ya gw. sip2


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