Original Idea From :

– Rucita Cahyawati Putri
– Ummu Hani
– Ilma Nurul Rachmania
– Santi Setyaningsih

Frauen is engaged in socialpreneurs business especially in the areas of women’s empowerment. Indonesia is the main target that has a lot of great potential women who can advance the entrepreneur business in Indonesia. The purpose of this business is to increase creativity and make a few women who are unemployed. It starts from a small area which will then be developed with provincial coverage. Values to be developed are the education, development, independent woman and also the creative side.

The product to be offered in the development of this socialculture is ribbon embroidery. It is a craft that can produce the quality of the products and if the plan expanding, it can provide substantial benefits. Products will be made into 2 types of products and those are which can be used in everyday life and also display products.

Socialpreneurs in this business plan is to find a professional teacher who will be teach several women who could not afford or do not have a job as a trained worker. In the future these women will be the instructor for further business development. The implementation of this business is from small communities that will develop in a long-time over a big area. Apart from handicraft skills, Frauen also taught about marketing techniques and information technology training, so that the marketing of products can be widely implemented by utilizing the information system that has been developed recently.

The target market of this business is the puffed up, because the price offered is around 50,000 IDR – 500,000 IDR. The conduct of expansion abroad in addition to increasing sales, as well as to promote the nation’s creativity and Indonesia have high artistic competence by offering unique and exclusive products. With high optimism, Frauen depart from a small area in the city as its first step with the prediction of the next 3 years to expand the reach of women in teaching systems to the level of West Java province.

Frauen do the financial planning from the profit and loss projection until the IRR (Internal Rate of Return). The prediction for the average next profit during three years is around IDR 8 million and the calculation divided into months from 2013 until 2015. Frauen will make a payback period after the project run in one year and three months. The prediction for Net Present Value is IDR 22 million with the IRR 63% in the end of the third year.


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