Another Paper for this year 2012

Selama setahun kemaren karena tugasnya super gilaa,,plus gw dan teman2 males banget itu tugas gak kepake, ya mending skalian dimasukin ke conference dan skalian cari tempat liburan eh karena tempat conferencenya murah dan waa tempatnya seru. Ya udah deh, ada juga yang dibuat dadakan kayak orang gila.

Nah paper selain paper statistik aku lainnya adalah :

1. Influencing Factor of Entrepreneurial Development in Indonesia

Paper ini dibuat oleh 3 orang : gw, Ilma Nurul dan Merlyn R
Kebetulan yang ngepresentasiin di Bali kemarin itu anak ini nih : Ilma Nurul

Gambaran umumnya :
“SMEs have a significant influence for economic growth in developing countries. Most of SMEs started as family businesses. Many successful entrepreneurs come from family business background. Therefore, information about family types, ways of communication, managerial styles and the support members can assist future entrepreneurs to build their own business empire. The purpose of this paper is to identify the characteristics, attributes and growth orientations of Indonesian entrepreneurs, including the relationships, roles, and contributions of family and culture toward SME. The data used for this study collected from questionnaires, with family business entrepreneurs as the respondents. The factors collected in the questionnaires are the effect of individual, societal, and environmental factors on entrepreneurship and family business development, and also a combination of demographic information and detail related to characteristics and orientations. The output of this study is the information on entrepreneur motivation, the influence of family member participation on the business growth, the financial resources, the appropriate managerial style, and other factors that might influence the SME family business success.”

Keywords: Medium Enterprises, Indonesia, Family, Business Development, Entrepreneur.

2. Women Empowerment through Creative Industry: A Case Study

Paper ini dibikin oleh 4 orang : gw, Ilma Nurul, Ummu Hani dan Rucita
Dan yang presentasi itu : Rucita

Gambaran umumnya :
“Various national and international communities have addressed women’s issues and taken various efforts to empower them so as to enhance their social and health status and involve them in developmental activities. Empowerment as delegation of power to someone has been a mechanism to increase personal and work life quality of woman in recent decades. Higher education and occupation is effective instrument to empowerment of women but culture role and creativity can’t be denied in this relation. This paper identifies how to empower women from poverty through creative industry. A case study was carried out in order to explore how women empowerment through creative industry is managed. Several recommendations are developed for how creative industry can participate in women empowerment. The case study develops some propositions which recommend how creative industry can have an important role in the empowerment of women. The limitation of this research is study only conducted at creative industry. Further qualitative research at other types of industries is required to investigate application of such recommendations.”

Keywords: creative industry, women empowerment, entrepreneur

3. Patterns of Indonesian Women Entrepreneurship

Paper ini juga dibuat sama 4 orang : gw, Ilma Nurul, Ummu Hani dan Rucita
Yang presentasi : Ummu Hani

Gambaran umumnya :
“Nowadays, women entrepreneurship grows rapidly at small-medium enterprises. Gender difference was no longer a barrier to run a business and become entrepreneur. The objective of this study is to identify patterns of entrepreneurship and social economic challenges facing women business owners in Indonesia. The study intends to support and encourage sustainable small-medium enterprises economic development activities by Indonesian women. A survey was developed and administered to a sample of 102 Indonesian female entrepreneurs. Data were collected by questionnaire and interviews. The results of this research is understandable about the patterns of women entrepreneurship in Indonesia viewed from various aspects, such as major type of their business, their major obstacles and their major supporting factors. Another result is Indonesian women entrepreneurship can be divided into four cluster with different characteristics. Future research need to explore about the gender dimension and the influence of education levels, family and environmental issues on the role models that influence and drive of women entrepreneurship.”

Keywords: women entrepreneurship; small-medium enterprises; social economic challenges

dan yang terakhir yang belum dipresentasiin,,tapi bakalan dipresentasiin nanti di China itu

4. Application of Quality Tools and Techniques in Hospitals: Case Study in Bandung, Indonesia
Paper ini dibuat sama 3 orang lagi : Merlyn R, Ilma Nurul dan gw
Yang presentasiin : Merlyn R

Gambaran umum :

“Hospital is a place that provides health services that are basic, specialist and health personnel education and training (Ministerial Decree no.983 of the Republic of Indonesia. Menkes/SK/1992). Another definition came from WHO, which said that hospital is an integral part of social and medical organizations, it has the function of providing a comprehensive population health care both curative and can provide affordable services to the patient, the hospital has also a training centre for health workers and social and biological research. To support the overall function, a good quality of the hospital is needed.
Quality refers to the management concept of trying to respond appropriately to any changes, whether driven by external and internal forces, and is more focused on the company’s goal to serve the needs of customers by supplying goods and services that have the highest possible quality (Cortado, J.W., 1993). One attempt to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the hospital industry is the application quality tools and techniques. The goal is not only addition to reducing medical errors in health care process, as well as other positive effects that are important for health care quality. They include all the steps of the healthcare system itself, such as accuracy or speed of time, cost, quality of service or care, efficiency of physicians, and patient satisfaction (Feng and Manuel, 2007).
Researches related to application of quality tools and techniques in hospitals in Indonesia have not been widely applied. The purpose of this study was to look at the role of techniques and tools of quality in the healthcare industry in Indonesia. It is expected that more and more techniques and tools of quality are implemented to improve the efficiency and performance of the organizations and services provided to the patient.”

Nah kalo yang ini bakal dipresentasiin di Bandung dengan kerjasama sama mahasiswa universitas lain hwahahaha.

5. History of Logistics and Supply Chain
Paper ini dibuat oleh : gw dan Yuri Bulandari
Dipresentasiin oleh : Yuri Bulandari

Gambaran umumnya :
“History is very important to learn because of the history people can learn things that can be developed in the future. History helps one understand the source of contemporary problems, how they arise and how their characteristics viewed through time. The purpose of this research was to map the history of the logistics from time to time. It can provide the knowledge to the reader about how to change the methods or the logistics from the beginning until today. Compare the differences with the supply chain so it will show the obvious differences between each other. Research on the history is offering distinctive perspective on the phenomenon that is compared with other research methodologies. It can display the cultural and ideological assumptions of the phenomenon that can affect the economic, social, and political in the long time. The research was conducted using historical research consist of heuristic, criticism and interpretation method. Heuristic method referred to the secondary data that was the summary of information derived from the data source then used internal criticism as verification of the data and after that did the interpretation method by data synthesis from heuristic and criticism method which has been done before. The aim was to allow the reader to understand the history of logistic and supply chain. Using heuristic methods, criticism and interpretation for this research, give the result of logistics and supply chain historical flow. Began from the emergence of logistics in the manufacture of the pyramids in Egypt that viewed from the aspect of the removal rocks from one place to another, followed by the emergence of a continental movement of products which in terms of continental trade, then the creation of railroads which conduct to the accelerating shift from one city to another. Furthermore the presence of military logistics that eventually evolved into the supply chain. Besides that, the supply chain began with a view of reducing the level of inventory and distribution costs with a target reduction in lead time and also a decrease in safety stock. Supply chain has changed and then it has QR and ECR systems, until finally there is a path to the information system by using RFID, EDI or POS which can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of such activities. The presence of differences in definitions of logistics and supply chain are based on the development, although logistics is the origin knowledge of the supply chain, but the coverage and the difference between the two of them was quite visible. The similarity between logistics and supply chain was equally taking care of the planning, design, implementation and management of product stream in the company. This study will interest them who want to see the development of logistics and supply chain, and also to understand the future potential scientific development for both of it and also its application in Indonesia.”

Keywords: History, Logistics, Supply Chain

Hwahahaha,,buanyak ya. Kalo diliat dari pengalaman, ini seru juga lho jalan2 sekalian sebar2 ilmu dan dapet ilmu dari orang lain. kepikirannya kalo nanti udah kerja, tetep pengen berkontribusi untuk bikin paper2 seperti ini juga. Semoga ada waktu dan uang. Soalnya kan kalo kerja gak disubsidi universitas lagi kan ya..Hmm,,,Anak2 OPM rencananya mau bikin kayak gini tiap taunnya, sapa tau dapet tempat2 yang seru dan murah, misal sulawesi, vietnam, thailand apa kek lah dicoba ntar liat ntar hwahahaha.

Semoga kesampaian,,semangaat temen2 hwehehe.


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