Young Researcher Award IRSSM 3 at Beijing 3-7 July 2012

Actually this award have the aim to motivate the young researcher to do their best in the future of their research.
But not all of the participant will get this opportunity. We really shocked when the chair of this conference read the award and said that we had to go in front of the stage and received the certificate… Whoaaaaaaaa…..

Gak nyesel ikutan walo gak bayar conference LOL.

Jadi IRSSM itu singkatan dari International Research Symposium in Service Management, aura di conference ini beda banget sama yang aku ikutin di Bali Juni 2012 kemarin. Kalau di sini suasanyanya lebih kekeluargaan, semua pihak sangan membantu dalam perjalanan service management ke depan. Banyak saran-saran yang diberikan untuk mengembangkan riset yang akan dilakukan. Ide-ide yang dibuat juga bermacam-macam dan menarik, seperti sistem offshore di China yang meningkat dan banyak masalah, icon service management di public service, transportation in developing country, dan lainnya.

Menurut gw, kalo ada IRSSM 4, mendingan ikut aja dah,, serius gak ada ruginya. Gosip yang beredar dikatakan bahwa IRSSM 4 bakal diadain antara di India atau di Estonia. Huwaaa kalau di Estonia aku mo ikutan ah,,kalo di India gak maooo haha..

Sekilas tentang IRSSM 3 :

” This symposium invites conceptual or empirical research presentations, and/or country context case studies, thus enabling both academics and practitioners to understand the socio-cultural, economic and technological influences on services. Delegates are invited to present completed research projects or work in progress. Symposium attendees will include both academicians and practitioners. Submissions and presentations must therefore address both the theoretical and practical implications of the findings. Parallel tracks of refereed presentations will enable authors to obtain constructive feedback about their study. In addition to a high quality research experience, we hope to provide a memorable social program that will give delegates the opportunity to explore Beijing and China. ”

Seneng juga udah bisa jadi bagian dari conference ini, it’s all about GLOBAL MINDSET

Thank you Prof. Jay Kandampully (Editor Journal of Service Management; The Ohio State University, USA)
Your quote was very best quote i’ve heard before :

” You can judge my knowledge but not my language ”

~ by sankerenti on July 12, 2012.

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