Ummeed Project Report (India)

At last,,,I did this :


Part 1

Report focus on the Project

I focus 2 things, the first is Fund Raising and the second one is teaching at Badarpur Center. In my opinion it was so hard to do those such things, because there are some problems.

The problems for Fund Raising:

  1. We have to make a database first for the company that we want to make a relationship. We have to know how many people who want to join in this program and also we have to find the fast way to make the database effective and efficient. After we found the way, we want that all of the member understand about the database itself. The interns have already understood about this, but after that if the project finish and the employee will run this project, so they have to know well about the database itself, weather there have to know about internet and how to make it.
  2. Most of the company will be hard to understand our language if we call them for explain about our aim. They will understand fast if we explain in Hindi language and also if they understand, they will not believe us, because most of the company prefers that we explain in front of their face like we have to go directly to their office and speak to the responsible person. But in our opinion it will take so long time and not effective and efficient.
  3. We have to go to the market to ask for the personal donation. We don’t know yet what kind of store that we can get the money and also it hard to explain in English and then they will see us that we are from abroad but they didn’t see the Indian people itself that work for this project.

The problems for teaching at Badarpur :

  1. There are fewer teachers there. We need to increase the number of the teacher and also the space for the class.
  2. So hard to explain in English because most of them didn’t understand about English, and also they need to learn more about Hindi, so better to use the experience teacher than use us. The program can use us in some place like Okhla but not so many people better transfer the interns to the Badarpur Center.
  3. There is no schedule for per semester, so every day we are confusing to explain the knowledge.

Solution (I will give some solution for the teaching thing)

  1. Increase the volunteer from India people
  2. Make a schedule at least for one semester so that they will increase their knowledge
  3. Make a part of them like (basic class, medium class and expert class) so that it means the class need minimum for 3 teachers.



Part 2

Report focus on the AIESEC Exchange

I found the GCDP thing from AIESEC, because I’m an AIESEC member especially for GIP Division. And before I do my GIP, I want to do the GCDP first. Why I choose India as my GCDP, because I want to know more about India and also I want to dare myself to go to the country that I scared of.

  1. Positive Things

–          I can go anywhere by myself in the other country.

–          I’m not afraid to the new foreign people.

–          I know that there are a lot of people that need help whether for the small thing like read the word.


  1. Negative Things

–          AIESEC Delhi have to arrange and manage better again for the interns, because AIESEC Delhi University is the one and only LC that need the money from the interns for the accommodation. In my country, the interns didn’t have to pay for the accommodation.

–          You have to manage again for the important news for every intern, such as we have to meet for the meeting but AIESEC Delhi just give the message to some of the people.


  1. Global Village

–          The place (booth) is not enough to all of the country that join global Village.

–          Every country has to have one person as our buddy from AIESEC Delhi University.



Part 3

Report focus on organizing committee

  1. Negative Things:

–          The information things for the first time were not really clear such as which place that I should take for the accommodation and the telephone number if there are something wrong.

–          The place for accommodation was change in the last time and I was not prepared enough for that.

–          There is some problem about internet access and we have to do the report with the deadline which is hard to find the internet at Delhi.

–          Some AIESEC member didn’t give us the best example for us to do the project.


  1. Positive Things :

–          A lot of event likes Global village and some party that can increase mood.

–          Serve the accommodation at last and best I’ve ever had.

–          Serve the project in a proper way and we can do it better that the other interns in different project and different LC.



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