Are You Ready for GCARME 2012?

Accepted, but not ready yet LOL.

This is just another story of conference and i will present this one :

Health is one of the human rights that ought to be considered. The hospital is one of the public facilities that can support human health. Hospital system quality is the main thing to consider in order giving satisfaction to the customers, especially in terms of logistics. Not only for medicine but also for the food which always have a direct contact with the patients. Inventory management system in supply chain management is one factor that able to control the quality of the food. Good inventory management in hospitals will give the impact not only to maintain the quality of the food but also to maintain the quantity of food products in the inventory system. This study aimed to select the appropriate method in demand forecasting system to determine the number of products purchased for use and stored in the warehouse. The results showed that the nutrition installation department should use simple exponential smoothing method for Anlene, Ensure FOS, Hepatosol and Peptamen product, while the product Pediasure and Neosure should use the moving average method because the error was less significant and the method fit according to the demand of these products compared to using the other forecasting methods. This research is not only using time series for demand forecasting, but also tried to apply the calculation the average inventory level for the inventory management system that aims to improve the warehouse system of nutrition installation system effective and efficient.

See you soon dear you twin towers 6-10 December 2012. Kuala Lumpur…

Miss you so much

Will be there of course with my super great GENGS @missrachmania and @hunny_hunny





~ by sankerenti on November 18, 2012.

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