For What? I don’t Know. Just Follow the Request

Tiba2 anak MSM 2012 ada yang email dan aku disuruh ngisi ini. Gak tau ah buat apa. Tapi ini sumpah lucu abis. Makanya aku juga isinya asal2an aja deh. Suka suka hati. Bwahahaha. Katanya sih buat mahasiswa berprestasi, tapi kayaknya dia salah sasaran deh,, saya kan mahasiswa keren. #teteuup

The list of questions:

Please answer in English

1. Please give your brief profile (Full name, jurusan, angkatan, dan NIM)

My name is Santi Setyaningsih, you can call me Santi. I’m a student of MSM SBM ITB (Science Management School of Business Management Institute Technology of Bandung), batch 2011 with the student number of 29011005.

2. What are your current activities? // Apa kegiatan / kesibukan yang anda lakukan saat ini?

Currently I still doing my master thesis under the supervisor of Dr. Mursyid Hasan Basri, S.T., M.T.. The research was conducted at one public hospital in the Bandung city which concern into inventory management system on nutrition installation especially in formulas and enteral food supply. Besides, I still the member of AIESEC Local Committee Bandung. I was to the one of candidates in the program called GIP (Global Internship Program). AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. AIESEC members are interested in world issues, leadership and management.

3. What are your achievements (especially in academic field)? // Apa prestasi atau pencapaian anda? (terutama dalam bidang akademik)

In 2011, I was with two of my colleagues (Isabelle Aranditha and Yessie Fransiska L.) became one of 10 finalists national academic competition CRMS (Competition Risk Management System) held by the University Parahyangan Bandung. We discussed the management performance of PT. Kereta Api Indonesia and also the risks of their business. In July 2012, I was with another two of my colleagues (Merlyn Rakhmaniar and Ilma Nurul Rachmania) honored Young Researcher Award at the conference that we joined together 3rd International Research Symposium in Service Management which held at Beijing, China. The title of our paper was “Application of Quality Tools and Techniques in Hospitals: Case Study in Bandung, Indonesia“. As the scope of our research, we chose public hospitals in Bandung. The topics we chose was the use of quality tools and techniques in the hospital, because we realized that quality is very important in service field, especially in hospitals. The use of quality tools and techniques are important in order to make more effective and efficient performance.

4. What motivates you to achieve all of your achievements until today? // Apa yang memotivasi anda untuk mencapai pencapaian tersebut?

My motivation is to do what has never been done before. Opportunity will not come twice and this is just how you react to the opportunities that come to you. Success or failure will come after we do something. College goal is not just for studying, but there are other goals beyond studying. It depends on what you want to create in your community.

5. What are the tips and tricks for us to be a high achiever students? // Apa tips / kiat untuk dapat mencapai pencapaian tersebut?

There are no tips and tricks to become high achiever students. It’s just that there are some things that I believe, which are the time that given to us to live was just for a while, so what can we do as much as possible in a short time, what can you do to be different from others, fail and succeed it plain, then the remarkable thing is how you rise from failure, and walking on the failures that have been obtained.

6. What are your future plans for the next 5 years? // Apa rencana atau harapan anda bagi diri anda sendiri untuk 5 tahun ke depan?

My desire is to work in one global company so that I can learn about business ideas from people of different culture and different countries. If there is a chance, then I can make a personal business of the lessons that I have got so it can open up a new job opportunities for the people of Indonesia as well.


Thank you very much for your kind attention and time.


Best regards,

Christian Wibisono

MSM 2012  

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