My SCOPUS thing!!!!


Dear followers,, yuhuuuu finally I made it. Thanks to everyone and especially thanks to Allah SWT.

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This is the title and a little story about my SCOPUS thing… YEAAAY!!! (6 bulan penantian yang panjang)

Designing Inventory Policy for Formula and Enteral Food in Hospital Using Simulation

High number of products which stored in the warehouse will lead
to the high inventory value that could harm the business. One of the
public hospitals in Bandung city has the similar problem. A certain
number of products wasted due to expired items and very high number
of inventory level in the warehouse lead to the cash flow problem. In
this research, simulation model was developed for inventory system
to cope with the increasing complexity by expiration date parameter.
The simulation model was applied to Formulas and Enteral Food at
Nutrition Department. One of the main objectives was to minimize
the inventory level of the products under study. The tool that used
in this research was Arena Simulation. The simulation shows that
periodic review policy provides the best result compared to the current
method and continuous review policy. Besides the inventory policy,
hospital has more information about system characteristics to treat and
anticipate an issue of expired products.






Santi Setyaningsih



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