Move to another Area of Work – MB

Hello everyone, I will share you my next step about working area. After I finished my internship in Japan, 3 weeks after that I accepted in one of multinational company, name MB. I know that most of people don’t know about this company, because this company didn’t sell product but service. What kind of service that they offer? After I work nearly 2 months in here, they serve and give a consultancy related to your brand through ads. How your ads can impact to your brand, so most of ULI do tracking, and the other one did link. What is link? Link is before you want to publish your ad or campaign marketing, you tested it into the market, you ask to the people about their perception, awareness of the brand and maybe suggestion so that your marketing campaign can impact more to the brand, sales and others.

Is it interesting? YES, why? Because of the environment, people in here, how they work is not really stressful, lot of work too but no so demanding too much. It’s like there is no boss and employee in here, we are in the same level. This is what I feel until now. I handle oral care category from ULI (initial so that you can’t track it through google LOL). The client in my opinion is okay, why? Because the person who handles it is my college friend too, so it’s easy to communicate hahaha.

The best thing in here is, I will have 20 days leaves a year and the place for outing usually outside Indonesia, because MB usually meet another MB from another country, they will have a big meeting every year. I’ve been working in another multinational company too, but the place for outing is in the same island..pfft. it’s okay but still I don’t have any day leave in a year even weekend. I lost my weekend there. Okay, how about career development. Somebody told me that in a year you can increase your level here. So,,wohoo hopefully I can do it too. And my ambition is : I want to move to MB in another country, or I can get project in another country for at least 6 months. I hope I can achieve it. Bismillah.

Okay see you again in another topic, bye.Image

~ by sankerenti on May 28, 2014.

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