Mix Feeling skew to not too happy more than happy :D

Hi all,

I’m delighted to announce two promotions in the UL Team this month!

Firstly, Olga is being promoted to Senior Research Executive

 Olga continues to be an integral member of the UL team. With her mature and can-do attitude, she fulfils her responsibilities with ease and independence. She has a tremendous passion for insights, and a keen desire to know more about her client’s business and brands. She takes complete ownership of deliverables and is able to confidently present insights in a succinct and effective manner. Coaching and mentoring is a key strength for Olga, highlighted by her willingness to invest time in others, providing support and guidance to some of the more junior members of the team. Congratulations on this promotion Olga!

Secondly, Santi is being promoted to Research Executive

 Since joining MB a year ago, Santi has quickly got on top of the day to day operational processes involved with the GTS, and is now able to work independently on her categories with very little supervision. Throughout this time Santi has become a master of Reports for Surveys (RfS), and is now officially the RfS Champion for the UL Team  in Indonesia! With her friendly and personable nature Santi is starting to build solid relationships with her clients. Not only is she great with her clients, but she is also a wonderful role model for the other juniors in the team, and will often be approached to troubleshoot GTS processes. Well done on your promotion Santi!

Please join me in congratulating them both on their well-deserved promotions!




~ by sankerenti on April 22, 2015.

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